What is level up leap finance?

What is level up leap finance?

What is level up leap finance?: Do you want to pursue higher education abroad with Level Up Leap Finance? The process of starting your studies abroad and arranging your finances can be pretty stressful.

What is level up leap finance
What is level up leap finance?

There is a solution to your problem. Additionally, we developed Leap products specifically for Indians seeking international education. Thus, you can pursue your dreams while they handle all your financial necessities. Studying abroad is possible with Leap.

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What is Leap Finance?

A fintech startup 2019 named Leap Finance offered school loans to students studying abroad. A graduate loan program is available to Indian students attending US and Canadian institutions.

With 260,000 students traveling overseas in 2020, there will be a 50% increase in Indian students going overseas compared to 2019. The number of students had increased by 71,000 by March 2021. Post-study work visa regulations continue to relax in countries like the UK, which will lead to a more significant influx of students. 

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With its simple documentation requirements, affordable loan rates, and expert assistance, Leap Finance has won the trust of many young Indian students. Applicants only need to spend ten minutes completing the online application process. It is possible to apply online, and an acceptance letter is sent to students quickly.

What is Level Up Leap Finance?

Is there anything you would like to study abroad during your higher education? When you’re abroad, getting started with your education and setting up your finances can be challenging. 

We are here to help ambitious Indians interested in foreign education find the most excellent offers with Leap goods. In this way, Level Up Leap Finance allows you to focus on your goals while enabling you to take care of all your financial obligations. Leap’s services can make your dream of studying abroad a reality.

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How does Level Up Leap Finance work?

Low fixed costs and no unforeseen costs make Level Up Leap Finance an excellent way for you to save money. Student travel, inquiries, and more can be handled efficiently online by Level Up Leap Finance. 

The fast and efficient service of the loan process makes it highly convenient and straightforward for students. A lower ROI is achieved with no collateral, an entirely online application approval process, and no hidden costs.

What makes Level Up Leap Finance right for you?

  • The United States is your intended destination for further education.
  • You are pursuing a master’s degree in the United States.
  • After receiving a degree in the US, you are seeking employment there.

The benefits of Level Up Leap Finance loans for studying abroad

  • There is no need to deposit.
  • The APR ranges from 8.25% to 9.85%.
  • The cost of housing and studies is covered.
  • An online process that takes 10 minutes.
  • Leap America credit card.
  • There is no yearly fee.
  • The credit ceiling starts at $1500.
  • The SSN and credit check are not required.
  • Start over with a new credit history in the US.

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Innovation and quality in education

College Credit Programs (CCP) and Matching Programs of LeapScholar’s Leap Advantage make it easy for students to access high-quality, global education. By earning credits at nearly half the cost of other programs, students get a head start with the PPC through classes taught by top instructors from universities such as Cornell, Yale, NYU, and MIT. Alternatively, students may begin their academic journey through a buddy program.

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Studying abroad has experienced massive transformational growth due to Leap’s investment in and leading it. The company was also recently featured on HolonIQ’s list of the best 100 edtech startups in India. As a South Asian company, it ranks among the coveted Global Edtech 150 for 2022.

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