How to handle mistakes within your Company?

All employees will make a mistake at some point. Mistakes will inevitably have consequences. Leaders and managers are responsible for their actions in response to a given situation. The following tips will help you handle the situation effectively.

How big is the error? Has it been made in error, but can it be corrected? Was it a costly mistake for your Company? There will be a different course of action in both situations.

1. Examine the situation

This employee, in the past, has made a similar mistake. Do you have a habit, or is this just an occasional occurrence? You can gain helpful insight by talking to them about what happened and why it happened. They may have been delayed by a family emergency or lack a strong work ethic.

2. Get to know the employee

Managers can take a variety of reactions, as discussed previously. Have other managers reacted to similar mistakes in the past?

3. Identify the company culture if there is one

Would you rather see your employees being scared of you or encouraged and supported? Can you be both their leader and friend?

4. Identify your leadership style and goals

If you ignore the mistake altogether, you may promote incompetence. If you call out an employee publicly, it may damage their self-esteem. Three strikes are an excellent rule to follow.

5. Make a mental list of each option and its impact

Imagine how you want your business to be perceived and the impact. Decide according to your best judgment. Employees may not like such actions, but they may be necessary for the organization's good.

6. Consider your most confident option

Despite the difficulty, don't hesitate to implement. Perhaps it's time for your Company to update its strategy for handling mistakes if it doesn't promote learning or growth. See if a business coach can help you change the company culture. 

7. Implement your plan

Processes might need to be changed slightly or redesigned completely. Business coaches can advise you on how to proceed and explain the results.