Top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts

Top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts

Negative thinking can lead to depression, stress, low self-esteem, and social anxiety. To change your negative thoughts, you must understand how you think (and the problems). Then, it would be best if you had strategies to change these thoughts or make them have less impact. Here are the top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts.

Top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts
Top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts

Considering that our thoughts affect our feelings, emotions, and behaviors, it’s essential to learn how to deal with unhelpful thinking effectively, so you don’t let it affect your day. You can often change negative thoughts with therapy, but you can also change your thought patterns by learning how to change your thoughts. You can change your negative thoughts by taking some of the steps presented in this article.

What are Negative Thoughts?

We have negative thoughts in cognitions characterized by negative perceptions, expectations, and attributions about the self, others, or the world in general. The negative emotions they induce have adverse behavioral, physiological, and health effects.  

Do you know how to deal with Negative Thoughts?

You can achieve positive feelings by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. If you just learned that you need treatment for a severe illness. It’ll probably make you feel pretty bad-and.

It will weaken your body when you need it to be strong. If you tell yourself these words daily, My life will not be the way it used to be, or This is the start of the end for me, will make you feel hopeless and awful.

It might be a challenge for you for a while. Thinking positively could make you feel better and more optimistic. In addition, it’s good for your body.

What are you thinking about right now that is negative? It’s hard even to know sometimes. Just give it a minute, listen to your thoughts, and see if you get it. Remember that you can control what you tell yourself if you’re telling yourself something that makes you feel bad. Why not come up with something positive that helps you cope?

Top 5 ways to control your negative thoughts

Imagine yourself going shopping

Winch suggests visualizing yourself shopping at the grocery store as a distraction trick. Imagine everything at the store on one shelf and in the order you see it.” He advises. Do you never go grocery shopping? Another thing that requires concentration is arranging books on your bookshelf or the order of songs in a playlist that you like.

Doing it for a short time – maybe 30 seconds or a minute – is all that’s required. But the key is to be disciplined and do it every time a negative thought arises – even if that means doing it 20 times a day.

Although it may seem temporary, Winch says you will improve your mood and decision-making abilities if you reinforce these patterns. There is a way to train your brain to generate different thoughts when such thoughts arise.”

Keeping a positive company is important.

Feeling troubled doesn’t seem to leave your mind. It may have something to do with your social circle. University of Notre Dame researchers discovered that college students likely pick up ruminative behaviors from their roommates.

Research says that others can easily replicate rumination because it often involves worrying and thinking aloud. Avoid permanently negative people, or be cautious about picking up their habits whenever possible.

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Physically remove them from the building.

A study reported that you could clear your mind of nagging thoughts by writing them down and tossing them in the trash, according to the study.

In contrast to those who kept the papers with them, those who wrote negative remarks about their bodies and then threw them away had a more positive attitude towards themselves a short time later. Whether your thoughts are garbage or valuable affects how you deal with them.

Take a break and have a cup of tea.

Although negative thoughts can come for many reasons, if they are brought on by loneliness, you may find some comfort by warming up.

According to Yale researchers, people experienced fewer negative feelings about a past lonely experience when they held a hot pack.

In addition, lonely people also tend to take longer showers.) Substituting physical warmth for emotional warmth can be a quick fix, but it shouldn’t replace actual human contact in the long run.

Put yourself in a new perspective

Distracting yourself won’t be easy if you are prone to ruminating. You may need to reframe or reexamine the situation to change your perception. Do not worry about what you’ll miss if you get stuck at an airport for hours because of a canceled flight, for example.

Instead of avoiding it, take a chance to get some work done, call your parents, or catch up with an old friend. To distract yourself after reframing your situation, you could do a visualization exercise, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, or even take a short stroll.


Ironically, negative thinking is an obstacle when trying to overcome it. With patience and hard work, conquering negative thinking is certainly not easy, but once you have accomplished it, you will find the results highly satisfying.

When we understand our thoughts about such situations, people, and experiences, we feel more in control of our behavior and are more aware of our feelings. Better insight enables us to recognize these repetitions of negative thoughts and replace them with rational ones that cause less pain.

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