Robert Eggers on The Northman directing is an insane job

Robert Eggers on The Northman directing is an insane job

Robert eggers on The Northman directing is an insane job, which is very uncommon for him. Robert Eggers on Northman is a very unusual move. According to the Scandinavian folk tale of Amleth, The Northman is a gritty revenge story. In contrast to Egger’s previous films, Egger’s new one is much more violent. He previously starred Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in the most elaborate action scene, and “The Northman” significantly raises the bar.

Robert Eggers on The Northman directing is an insane job
Robert Eggers on The Northman directing is an insane job

”The Witch,” a horror-tinted fable that won Eggers the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival, is a good example: Eggers started his career making stylized art-house movies. 

Among his other works, Pattinson directed the 18-year-old black-and-white horror flick “The Lighthouse.” Now is the usual time when an unknown filmmaker decides to direct a superhero movie or switch to a streaming platform to control the budget.

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What is Northman directing?

It’sIt’s an insane job being Robert Eggers. The Witch is his latest film, and it will be followed by The Killing of a Sacred Deer”. His short film “The Tiger Hunter”.

Experimental films are the specialty of Robert Eggers. The artist has used several techniques, whether traditional filmmaking or video art. A sense of humour can also be found in his films, although they are usually dark and disturbing.

Introduction to Robert eggers 

“The Circle” and “The Things They Carried” are among Eggers’Eggers’ many books, and he is also the director of this year’s movie “The Northman.” When you worked with Robert Eggers on a project of this magnitude, how did your experience go?

It was a pleasure to work with Robert. Whenever he writes or does anything, he always seeks feedback from others. Working on the film was also a great experience for him since he was very motivating. It was a great experience working on the project with my team, and I am very happy with the outcome.

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The Icelandic obsession of Robert Eggers

He decided to write about Iceland after visiting it on vacation. He collaborated on the folk horror film Lamb with Icelandic poet and screenwriter Sjon, whom he met through a mutual friend.

A difficult choice is required of both protagonists in The Long Way and The Long Night. A lot of intensity and contrast are present in the novel between the two men. When they fall in love, the story reaches its climax. Eggers captures the characters’ conflicting emotions in this novel about a love triangle.

He is accompanied by a cast of characters from generations past in his quest to avenge his father’s murder. This film features Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Bjork.

About “The Northman” by Craig Lathrop

The physical world of “The Northman” and other works by Eggers was designed by Craig Lathrop, who has worked with Eggers for over 20 years. The locations for the film were scouted during filming in Iceland for more than a week. In addition to visiting Fjallsarlon glacier lake and Laundmannalaurgar geothermal pools, he also visited the lush Thakgil and Mount Hekla, an active volcano. The timeline was also accurate, thanks to Lathrop.

Trailer of “The Northman” by Robert Eggers

The Northman

Upcoming projects of Craig Lathrop

Robert Eggers may take a more esoteric approach in his upcoming horror project. The acclaimed author has written horror stories in the occult realms beyond our understanding for a long time. There is some potential for an interesting adaptation of this pastiche of genres.

In contrast to his most famous film, The Lighthouse, Egger’s upcoming project could be quite different. Despite its modest success, Eggers rose to corporate heights due to The Lighthouse. He would have had the opportunity to direct a high-profile film for a major studio.

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In a way few films do, Robert Eggers’Eggers’ The Northman captures the human condition beautifully and brutally. As a result of Eggers’Eggers’ intense, insanity-inspiring direction, we can tell that he poured his heart and soul into this film. It is one of the year’s most stunning and thought-provoking films, even though he may be a newcomer to the directing game. I highly recommend watching The Northman if you haven’t already – you won’t be disappointed!


Q1. Have you had a large audience for your first two films?

Ans. Regarding distribution, I had high hopes for “Witch” [2016]. I’d also like to make another film if I get enough good reviews. A Pilgrim horror movie was a huge success, contrary to what I expected.

Q2. Is your film boring to you? It’s an insane job directing The Northman, says Robert Eggers

Ans. The rest of the story is another matter. “The Witch” does not appeal to me. To me, a film like this is not boring in principle. The two films I’ve made arena aren’t nearly as boring as those I’ve watched.

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