Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth: There are estimates that Island Boys’ net worth is within 500 thousand dollars. Their song “Island Boys” made them internet celebrities after they released their identical twin brothers’ song.

Island Boys Net Worth
Island Boys Net Worth

In addition to their given names, they also go by the name Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas. Venegas brothers, however, are their common name. Among the duo’s most successful songs is Island Boys, which Alex created. In addition to TikTok, corporations and their YouTube channel, which has more than 8 million views, are their primary revenue sources.

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As a result of TikTok’s star-making abilities, two of its top creators became breakout hits last year. The Venegas twins, who became overnight sensations in 2021, are better known as the Island Boys.

The fraternal twins quickly climbed TikTok’s ranks thanks to their wacky style and over-the-top personas. Alex – professional name Flyysoulja – has 6.1 million followers, and Franky – professional name Kodiyakredd – has 3.4 million followers.

What is the net worth of the Island Boys?

There is estimated net worth of $500.000 for the Island Boys. The American twin boys known as Island Boys gained internet fame following the release of their song “Island Boys.”. Their given names are Franky and Alex. The brothers are known, however, as the Venegas.

One of Island Boys’ most popular songs was conceptualized by Alex. A $50,000 salary will be theirs by 2022. Their primary revenue sources are TikTok and corporations, as well as their YouTube channel, which has 28.4 thousand followers and has been viewed over 8 million times.

What Makes Island Boys Famous?

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The recent popularity of the Island Boys has been attributed to their charming personalities and unusual appearances. It wasn’t until 2020 that Franky Venegas became well-known. In 2020, he released three singles: Smoke, 9ine, and Real Right. 

On the other hand, Alex Venegas released his song Money two years after the song was released. Due to the popularity of “I’m an Island Boy,” these actors and actresses have received much media attention.

How do Island Boys earn money?

Some income streams have contributed to Island Boys’ net worth as of 2022, which is $500,000. They earn money by promoting brands’ products on TikTok and being paid for by their growing TikTok following. There are over 2 million followers each for TikTok users Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja.

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Island Boys career

A twin brother named Franky began his career in music in 2020. FlyySoulja and Kodiyakredd released the song in October 2021. Redd 4x released three previous tracks under the moniker of “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine.”

It became famous all over the internet as soon as we uploaded it to TikTok. As the twin brothers sit in a hot tub, they sing their new song on TikTok. Two boys became famous after their video on TikTok went viral worldwide.

What is the annual income of the Island Boys?

It is estimated that they will make $50,000 a year by 2022. TikTok and companies are the world’s most important sources of their income, along with their YouTube channel with 28.4 thousand subscribers and over 8 million views.


In TikTok, the Island brothers have achieved superstar status thanks to their song “Island Boys.” They are twin brothers from the United States.

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