What is eb 2 business plan samples?

What is eb 2 business plan samples?

What is eb 2 business plan samples? – A National Interest Waiver (NIW) is an EB-2 green card category that caters to various industries, including business, culture, health, education, technology, and science. An NIW application must include a comprehensive business plan if an applicant is applying as an entrepreneur, especially at the startup stage.

eb 2 business plan samples
eb 2 business plan samples

Business plans are now available from Silvergate for E2, L1, and other visa petitions! The E2 visa allows investors to purchase a business or start a new one in the U.S. Using the L1 visa, U.S. companies can transfer executives, managers, and employees from foreign offices to U.S. offices.

It is often the USCIS who issues RFEs or even NOIDs requesting a comprehensive business plan for petitioners in these and other visa petitions. Preparing a business plan can be challenging, but we can help you with this process. Get started today by contacting us.

What is the National Interest Waiver?

A green card for national interest (NIW) may be applied for by self-petition under an employment-based category. PERM and the job offer are waived in this green card application, which is why it goes by the name waiver green card.

It is in the national interest of the United States to grant waivers based on the national interest requirement. An applicant for the NIW must hold an advanced degree or equivalent (baccalaureate or equivalent foreign degree plus five years of postbaccalaureate, progressive work experience) or demonstrate exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business. The NIW falls under the EB-2 green card category.

The applicants must also demonstrate that their proposed endeavor is of significant merit and national importance to qualify for the NIW. Therefore, a job offer and labor certification requirement should be waived on balance for the United States to benefit from as it would benefit the United States. Entrepreneurs and other categories can now file NIW petitions more quickly due to changes in NIW law.

What is eb 2 business plan samples?

EB-2 NIWs, the second preference category of employment-based immigration (EB-2), include petitions for National Interest Waivers (NIW). You may want to consider an EB2-NIW Visa if you plan to file a second preference immigration petition based on employment.

A National Interest Waiver (NIW) petition can be filed with this visa without needing labor certifications or job offers from U.S. companies. There is no sponsor requirement for EB2-NIW business plan visa holders.

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What are the EB2-NIW Visa business plan requirements?

An EB2 non-employment venture business plan is an essential component of your venture. A comprehensive EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan is required to improve your chances of success, as changes in the EB2 NIW visa have enabled more entrepreneurs to apply. Therefore, you should ensure that your business meets the requirements and positions itself effectively.

An EB2 NIW visa is also available to established companies. You can use a business plan to determine how your organization will serve the country in a possible prime or subcontracting role. An experienced team of business plan writers can help maximize results by assisting applicants.

What is the NIW EB2 processing time?

It will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for your NIW green card to be processed after you complete form I-40. Your EB2 National Interest Waiver application can take 6 to 18 months to be approved by the USCIS. It is also possible to receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS to provide more details on your application. Your RFE is typically returned within 60 to 90 days by the agency.

What is included in an EB2 NIW Business Plan?

Business plans for EB2-NIW Visas usually include the following information:

  • An equivalent international degree
  • A baccalaureate degree or progressive job experience in a relevant field
  • Business, science, and art skills are required of candidates.
  • The applicant’s contribution to the U.S.
  • The description of the viability of the business

Self-sponsoring through the EB-2 NIW

It is necessary for a petitioner to self-sponsor if the USCIS accepts their claim that their visa approval aligns with the national interests of the United States American and is, therefore, deserving of a National Interest Waiver (NIW), resulting in the EB-2 NIW category.

It aligns with the stated bipartisan intent of the 1990 Immigration Act that created the EB-2 NIW and other visas to approve petitions when they demonstrate substantial benefits for the United States. By allowing immigrant workers to contribute to the United States, the Act was and remained a simple law.

The USCIS will often require EB-2 NIW petitioners to submit in an RFE various documents, including support letters, proofs of EB-2 credentials, and expert opinion letters regarding EB-2 NIW criteria.

What types of things are often included within an EB-2 NIW professional plan?

The general content of an EB-2 NIW Professional Plan

It is important to remember that your immigration attorney will review all of your documents and may suggest a different approach to you. As part of ProfVal’s customized approach and upon which this paper is based, we have interpreted the prongs of Dhanasar 2016, a significant court decision on EB-2 immigration.

As part of your EB-2 NIW professional plan, Profval provides an overview of how your endeavor can qualify. A professional plan for EB-2 NIWs should be tailored to your endeavor and may include the following sections:

Executive Summary

An overview of the endeavor, a brief description of the petitioner’s credentials that make them capable of succeeding, and an explanation of how it will benefit the U.S. in areas related to Dhanasar (2016).

Discussion of the endeavor in depth

If the USCIS agent still determines what the petitioner intends to do, it may issue an NIW RFE for EB-2. It overviews the project and focuses on Dhanasar’s (2016) five components. It serves as a reference for USCIS when written by ProfVal.

Discussion of credentials in detail

A detailed discussion of the petitioner’s credentials, including exceptional ability and an advanced degree, follows a description of the endeavor. More than mentioned, credentials are needed; ProfVal.com believes that the petitioner should explain why their credentials position them for success.

The following are examples of exceptional ability:

  • University degree equivalent in the U.S.
  • Work experience of 10+ years with letters of support
  • A U.S. equivalency evaluation may be required for certifications and licenses.
  • Salary discussion based on U.S. government data on regional salaries
  • Professional associations memberships
  • Peer recognition based on letters of support
  • Evidence of other kinds. This may involve EB-1 criteria such as scholarly publications, published material about the petitioner’s work, contributions within their field, or judging other people’s work.
  • Discussion about NIW: A person can qualify for the EB-2 NIW visa if they demonstrate: 1) the merits and national importance of their endeavor. 2) the likelihood that they will succeed, and 3) the United States would benefit from waiving the requirement of a job offer and therefore the need for a labor certification. The composition of these sections can vary based on the petitioner’s endeavor.
  • There are several key factors to consider, including a customized, in-depth, and relevant discussion of industries related to the endeavor that is informed by trends and other factors affecting the country as a whole; a discussion of potential impacts (economic, cultural, employment, health, government) and other aspects that demonstrate compliance with Dhanasar’s (2016).).
  • The plan’s conclusion highlights some of the key elements.

The approach is consistent with and evolved based on ProfVal’s experience with successful petitions. An individual’s petition is not guaranteed to be accepted, of course. The purpose of this professional plan is not to provide legal advice. Our EB-2 NIW professional plan document, is hoped to be helpful if you are working on it.

When should a petition for a National Interest Waiver include a business plan?

If you apply for NIW as an entrepreneur, you should submit a comprehensive business plan. A strong business plan is essential when an organization is starting or in its early stages. Even established companies may find it beneficial to include a business plan to highlight the company’s planned trajectory and show how its activities will contribute substantially to an area of national importance and substantial merit.

How should a business plan be included in a petition for a National Interest Waiver?

The following elements should be included in a business plan for NIW applications:

  • The executive summary/description of goods or services to be provided that clearly explains their merit and national significance. Which target market will be served? Why is this need being met, and why is it important?
  • The skills and expertise of the management team of the NIW applicant are described. NIW requires that the applicant demonstrates that they are well-positioned to advance the endeavor. This document can provide insight into the applicant’s background, including a track record of prior success and what the applicant will do to make this endeavor a success.
  • A detailed personnel plan showing planned hiring over the next three to five years. A personnel plan can provide insight into how an entrepreneur plans to achieve job creation as one of the reasons for the venture’s merit and national significance. Startup firms, which still need more employees, should pay particular attention to this during the startup phase.
  • The funding/startup capital, fee structures, marketing strategies, and client list should be explained. If the NIW applicant wants to apply, they must demonstrate that the venture will likely fail. The company will likely succeed if solid marketing strategies back up a realistic, practical, and achievable financial plan.


How Should E-2 Visa Business Plans Be Written?

It is imperative to adhere to both immigration laws and legal business guidelines when writing E2 visa business plans for USCIS. If you want your application to be reviewed by immigration officials, ensure it is written in clear, straightforward English without any grammar or spelling errors.

Specialized legal assistance is crucial to starting your entrepreneurship journey in the United States since a business plan for the E-2 Visa has unique needs.

How to Write an E-2 Visa Business Plan?

The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa is what you’re looking for if you plan to relocate to the United States to do business or start up a new business.

Those from treaty nations who have invested or are actively planning to invest substantial funds in an American business receive the E-2 visa, a non-immigrant visa. Visit our E-2 Investor Visa page to learn more.

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