Best Career Options For Commerce Students

Best Career Options For Commerce Students

After your tenth board exam, you had to decide what stream you wanted to pursue. After a student selects a particular option, they will be assigned an option based on their inclination towards science or the arts. The student can then select an option based on the options left for the student after they select. Here you will learn about the best career options for commerce students.

Best Career Options For Commerce Students
Best Career Options For Commerce Students

What to do after 12th Commerce?

What should I do after 12th Commerce? There are a lot of courses you can take after 12th Commerce, such as accounting, finance, and business; you always have the option to switch to an Arts degree if your interests align with the subject.

Choosing the best commerce career can result in high salaries in the future. The scope of Commerce is bright and one of the best fields to pursue. In other words, this is the article for students wondering what they should do after graduating from 12th-grade Commerce. 

A career in Commerce is well-structured and a great place to start. Consider taking a career in Commerce after 12th Commerce by checking out the numerous courses available and deciding which suits you best. You need to know your options to choose the best career in Commerce.

Once you have completed the higher secondary class ten board examinations and are ready to complete your 11th-12th in Commerce, you can select your career path. 

To advance your career in the commerce stream, you will need on-the-job experience and skill sets. The courses after 12th Commerce have a lot of potential and advantages if taken carefully. Hence, this article will guide you on choosing a career after 12th Commerce if you wonder what all your options are.

The following are the potential professions that Commerce students can pursue with the courses offered: Let’s discuss career options after commerce 12th.

Career Options for Commerce Students

1. Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom)

After completing class 12, this is the most common degree program for students to choose from. is a three-year degree course that provides a wide range of curricular knowledge in accountancy, Statistics, Management, Human Resources, Computer, Economics, etc.

Based on your scores in your class 10th and 12th board exams, you can get admission to a wide range of universities and schools offering this course. In Commerce, the B.Com is one of the best courses available and one of the best courses after 12th Commerce.

The course structure is not complex, so students can easily practice and enroll in other courses to increase their specialization. Learn more about career options after B.Com.

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2. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

If you have finished your 12th-grade commerce course, LLB is one option that provides immense scope for your future career. An LLB degree allows students to become lawyers or advocates governed by The Bar Council of India (BCI).

Studying Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Company Law, Administrative Law, etc., is crucial for this program. After 12th Commerce, students tend to take an LLB course as their career choice.

3. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India offers this degree similarly to the CA program. Like CA and CS, the curriculum consists of levels students must pass through to advance to the next level.

The career opportunity in CMA is excellent. The students must acquire training and expertise in Cost & Management Accounting, Fundamentals of Commercial and Industrial Laws, Laws and Ethics, etc. 

4. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Students who have completed class 12th in Commerce can enrol in the professional course administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Different levels are offered in this course.

One of the best careers in Commerce is that of Chartered Accountant. Once a student has passed one, they can sit for the next level with a higher difficulty level. After the 12th, CA is one of the best options for looking for commerce courses.

Compared with bachelor’s degrees, the overall difficulty of this course is extremely high. Gaining this certification will earn a student the title of CA, which has profitable returns and leads to one of the most lucrative careers in Commerce.

The position of CA has one of the highest yearly salaries in the industry. CA is one of the most popular courses in Commerce.

Comparatively speaking, this course’s difficulty level is relatively high compared to other bachelor courses. Students in this course study Accounting, Cost Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and Assurance, Business Laws, Ethics and Communication, Information Technology and Strategic Management, Corporate and other Laws, etc.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Are you interested in business administration after your 12th commerce examination? Are you looking to begin your own business? After students complete their 12th class, having studied Commerce, a BBA degree is an excellent choice.

Undergraduate students receive an education around business principles and administration during this three-year program.

Students begin learning about business concepts and methodologies early on and learn how to conduct corporate operations and comply with laws.

Students starting in their careers or forging their businesses will benefit from this program as they will get all the skills and expertise at the beginning of their careers.

6. Company Secretary (CS)

CA certification is administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), unlike CS or Company Secretary certification under the ICSI.

These courses are often chosen by Law students interested in the field’s theoretical side. Generally, these are the most beneficial after the 12th Commerce.

As with the CA program, the degree brings laurels to its bearers, and, like the CA program, there are different levels to clear until one reaches the CS Professional Programme.

Courses in this discipline provide an understanding of legal purposes and agreements with companies. Graduates will be able to earn positions at the executive level of corporations. CS is one of the most intriguing commerce courses available.

7. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB) administrates and supervises the course. The course is considered one of the best careers in Commerce.

For students interested in financial planning, the courses provide certification and recognition of expertise and knowledge in financial planning, taxes, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. Chartered Financial Planner is one of the top courses in economics.

8. Bachelor of Economics

Aside from being one of the most desirable professional courses after 12th Commerce, this three-year course is an essential and viable option for students.

With the help of this program, students get an introduction to various financial concepts and analytical methods in economics.

The ability to gain knowledge and skills in understanding the underlying concepts and principles governing economics is a desirable option for learners interested in the subject.

The subjects in this course under economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, history of economics, political economy, etc. Thus, it makes it one of the best career opportunities in Commerce.

9. Journalism and Mass Communication 

Business courses in finance and business differ from journalism and mass communication courses. A person interested in a career in media houses, including print media or digital media for content creation and delivery, can choose this course.

In this three-year program, you will be immersed in media and Indian politics, public relations and corporate communications, event management, and more that will explore your competencies and provide you with an education.


What are the career options available in the Commerce stream?

Business management, e-commerce, accounting, finance, marketing, and accounting are among the interdisciplinary branches of Commerce. Students can join private firms as finance specialists after completing job-oriented courses after graduating from 12th Commerce.

A skilled and knowledgeable commerce professional is needed in the private and government sectors. Students who appear in competitive exams offered by government bodies can gain more job opportunities.

Banking exams arranged by IBPS and RBI are among the most common fields of employment in the government sector.

Young entrepreneurs can also design an independent finance practice, including project consultations, tax consultations, and auditing.

Do financial courses that look like CA/CS provide the best benefits to businesses?

Yes, students ask these questions because CA, CS, ICWA and MBA-type courses have been around for ages and have created a buzz that students find appealing.

After enrolling in these courses, however, students discover several challenges, including over saturation, low passing rates among students, and less knowledge of practical skills.

Will there ever be a career in Commerce?

If you think about it, you may not believe it, but Commerce has more career options than science or any other field.

After all, finance is the backbone of every company. Skilled professionals and adept business people can assist in the operation of a company.


Students interested in Commerce after 12th grade have these options. Nevertheless, other popular career paths outside of Commerce exist, such as Design, Law, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, Journalism, etc. The Mindler Assessment can be used to diagnose whether you are a good match with these career options.

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